Our history...

From customers to owners….

Have you ever felt hopeless or overwhelmed when you noticed that once again, your newborn’s little buttocks are red and irritated? These redness and irritations that affect your baby’s soft and fragile skin and persist after the application of the seventh cream suggested by your friends, doctors or pharmacist…

Seriously, what happens to his skin to react like that? Is that what he ate? Is it an allergy? Is it his teeth? The new laundry soap? The new shower gel? Fear of something? Or is it just the ingredients that irritate his delicate skin? Oh yes! And if that were it…

I remember reading at that time several articles by David Suzuki that explained the harmful effects of certain ingredients on the skin and how the use of natural products improved the condition of the skin. So, it could come from there. Decided, I bought the Diaper Rash cream and the foam hair and body of the Calidou range for the first time. Miraculously, my baby didn’t cry when I applied it. I couldn’t believe it; I was so relieved to finally be able to soothe my son!

This cream changed our lives. We loved the products and their smells so much that we bought the company…

Sometime later, and three children later, Calidou’s family also grew.

At home, bedtime was synonymous with stories. Every night, Louis-Philippe told a story to the children. He took the opportunity to make them dream by telling moments of his childhood or the lives of his grandparents. Quite simply, to calm them or pass messages and lessons of life. So here is the continuation of the adventure of Calidou!

Once upon a time, two little boys were embarrassed to wash themselves with soap from a bottle on which a baby was drawn. They now felt great and wanted to be treated as such. No, they weren’t shaving yet and they didn’t have the voice that was changing, but they still felt bigger than their little sister. That’s when we felt the need to create the Charmante and Génial ranges as a family. The children chose the smells and with the help of our chemist, we adapted and perfected them. If Calidou is the company she is today, it is mainly because of them!

Calidou was created for your family by our family!

Isabelle, Louis-Philippe and the kids

One of the songs that have been passed on to our family for many years :

Keep your smile on,

keep your good mood,

Don’t let them sleep in your drawer.

Smile, my friend,

along the way,

because often others need it!

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