Our Innovations

Research & Development

But Why?

And How?

We are surrounded by an exceptional team of chemists who help us create and improve our products every day! Based on our values, each product we develop is of outstanding quality.


Research, research and research again! Having an experienced team with us to create our product line is fundamental,
so we are grateful every day. Building a product is not an easy task and therefore building an  exceptional product 
is even more difficult when we combine perfection with innovation.

Isabelle & Louis-Philippe

We travel the globe to find the latest news that meets our high selection criteria. In addition, our visionary research team guides us in choosing the ingredients of choice. As parents of three children, our requirements are even more stringent and we want the best for our children and your children!


We are not afraid to innovate, even when it sounds crazy! We can’t tell you our secret even if it’s brilliant, but all we can say is that we’re not afraid to test it again and again until our dream idea works! We find perfect blends and ingredients and

100% Natural

Natural skincare products are known to bundle a number of benefits over other skincare products using only chemical ingredients. Babies and children have very sensitive skin and chemicals cannot meet their needs or simply cannot offer what natural products provide... 

  1. Healthier for the skin

  2.  Better for global health

  3. Provide better skin nutrition

  4. Reduce the risks of allergic reactions

  5. Are established for many years

  6. Are not tested on animals

  7. Better for the environment

We chose not to use more than 2,000 care ingredients that are dangerous to the planet, health and children!

Carefully chosen ingredients

Ingredients are the essence of each products and it is extremely important that out of all the possibilities of ingredients only and especially the best one of them are selected. Calidou's team finds the best formula to come up with the most complete product, under all aspects:

  1. Efficiency

  2. Texture

  3. Smell

  4. Feeling

  5. Safety

  6. Nature of ingredients

  7. Source of ingredients

After confirming all these points, you will finally discover the high quality natural products available to Calidou!

Some products reflecting our innovations

Protective Cream

The protective cream is much loved for its efficiency and versatility.

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Waterproof Sunscreen Cream 40 SPF

A completely natural waterproof sunscreen created specifically for skin health. No chemical ingredients and always completely practical! It’s part of Calidou’s impact!

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Detangling Shampoo

We know your needs because we are like you... The detangling shampoo uses many natural key ingredients that help to realize the long-standing dream of finally having beautiful hair without the pain. 

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