Our methods!

Research and Development






Must fulfill our 23 criterias


How do our products see the light?

Finding ideas or receiving requests...
How can we do better?

Find out how to improve the existing products with the Calidou touch!


Find out if similar products exist on the market. 

Let our research team do the work!

Find the most complete formula with the most effective ingredients, whether the products already exist or not.

The quest continues...

Find the best smells, textures, ingredients, sensations as well as good absorption and more...


Choose the best formula among all those tested and apply the final touch...


It’s time to test, comment and improve!

Introduce Calidou's newest product!

Create the design, choose the packaging and it’s finally ready for launch!

We have 23 criteria to meet in order to launch our products...


  • 1.  What you see is what you get.  



  • 2.  100% Natural.  


  • 3.  Easily renewable resources.  


    • 4.  Adapted to children in all aspects.    


      • 5.  Innovative.     


        • 6.  Bold products.   


          • 7.  Creative formulas.  


            • 8.  Efficient.    


              • 9.  No harm to the planet during creation.  


                • 10.  Without carbon footprint.  


                  • 11.  Will not encourage unhealthy behaviours towards people and the environment throughout the process.    


                    • 12. Will respond to a request.  



  • 13.  Manufactured in a safe dermatological laboratory and certified by Health Canada.  



  • 14.  Made in Canada from A to Z.  


  • 15.  Ingredients and products conform to Health Canada standards.  


    • 16.  Stable formula safe for pregnant women, children and babies.    


      • 17.  No cruelty to animals.     


        • 18.  Biologically degradable.  


          • 19.  Chemical-free.   


            • 20.  Vegan.  


              • 21.  Dye-free.   


                • 22.  Each ingredient must be useful.  


                  • 23.  All members of our team must have tried, commented and approved the quality, effectiveness, texture and smell before the launch!   


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