We are all looking for hugs, warm arms, tenderness and kind words.


Using authentical products brings results, sleep, peace of mind and freedom to keep the family safe. 


Sharing is caring! And don’t forget that the truth always comes out of children’s mouths!


Children give us everything and that’s what matters most! Make every moment wonderful!


We remember that our parents told us to listen when they spoke. Now it’s our turn to listen to you!


Talking without acting is the greatest form of disrespect. Remember that, my grandfather told me.


The earth is our home, this is what we all have in common. Please remember to be grateful for what she provides to us.



 For us, the glass is always half full, rather than half empty!

All the family can see themselves through these values and way of living.

Learn about our family history

Tell us your story with Calidou! 

Write a few sentences that explain how you discovered the range, what it means to you and your children, what are your favourites products, what you would like to see in the near future, and what you would like to see improved… 

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Calidou's Sister Company

Following the legacy and mindset of Calidou, Katrine Marso offers a multitude of natural skincare products of quality for men and women.

All for Your Skin Care

KATRINE MARSO is a range of products designed and manufactured in Canada. Its commitment is solidly based on highly efficient paramedical products that promote efficiency, excellence and definitely a pleasure to use.

Proactive and Eco-Friendly

Katrine Marso develops its products just like Calidou but with a different team of chemists working especially on creating innovative products with outstanding results... Protecting the earth and actively finding solutions is our common thread.

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