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Everyone is welcome in our family!

Our promise...

Since 1998, Calidou is a sweet blend of Cuddle and Sweetness. We manufacture safe, high-quality products to help you protect and take care of the fragile skin of your baby and children.

In a few words, our mission is: Evolve, create smiles and make things happen.

Every day, we base our decisions on protecting your children, helping them, making them smile, and protecting the planet. Our ambition is to foster and support the power of plants and fruits while respecting what is around us

Calidou is the commitment

Calidou is the passion

Calidou is to see growing

Calidou is the family

Calidou is the sharing

Soon you will be Calidou!

Share with us what Calidou is for you!




Our values...


The essentials: Love, cherish, cuddle & caress.

The arms of the parents are filled with tenderness and sweetness, which is why the children sleep so deeply.

From the first contact with your baby, your life will change forever. There will be nothing more important than this moment and all that will follow!


We contribute and have the power to reduce everyone’s ecological footprint by choosing the ingredients and containers used... One step at a time.

We believe that every little thing counts and that change begin with our daily choices.

We have only one place to live all together

We use in our products 100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients that come from easily renewable sources.


We believe in the synergy of ideas and skills, both within our team and in our relationships with our customers.

Each member of our team holds a very important place.

We build and maintain strong harmonious relationships and we feel a deep attachment and respect for each of them.

Because we do not evolve alone, we always listen to our customers.

If you would like to meet, discuss, learn more about us, or for any other reason, let us know! Like our children, we are very curious to meet you.


By using Calidou products, you are part of a movement that aims to change the world one step at a time.

Calidou is committed to creating a community that will help parents in child development.

Ensure authenticity, share knowledge, put quality and family first.

Our products are the foundation of our company.

They are designed as gifts and made with 100% natural ingredients in the heart of the Laurentians region.

Imagination & Realization

We are different and creative in everything we do.


Support local families, encourage our athletes and artists.    

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Never Ever

Chemical ingredients




Always Always

100% Natural

Comes from an easily renewable resource

Safe and gentle


Make discover the wonders of the earth...


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