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Shampoo No Poo (No Lice)



Wash for baby & Kids | Prevent Head Lice | Vegan | No Pou Shampoing pour enfant | 200ml

Regular shampoo contain surfactant which are irritant for skin and mucosa, like ammonium salts and sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). The No Poo Shampoo is a new genereation of non frothy shampoo. Thanks to its rich texture, it hydrates scalp and hair to prevent the occurence of the lice. Actually, the essential oil of lavender, its main ingredient, pushes lice and suffocated those which are already there. This unbelievable product leaves the hair well-hydrated, very silky and non greasy, besides it leaves a soft and calming smell of lavender. It is so soft as it can be daily used by all the family. It has been proven that lice are still present in Canada because of their resistance to neurotoxic mode of action of some products often used to fight against their occurence. It's therefore better to use a natural product like the Calidou No Poo Shampoo!

  • Hydrate scalp and hair to prevent the occurence of the lice
  • No salts and sodium laureth sulfate (SLS)
  • All natural