Future Projects

Hair Mask

The lavender anti-frizz mask moisturizes, repairs and deeply nourishes the hair. It will allow you to rediscover the beauty of your hair. It is ideal for curly hair, frizzy, dry, damaged, brittle or with coloring. The benefits of the product are numerous: it strengthens in depth, it defines curly hair curls and it improves the appearance, texture and luster of the hair. You will see an improvement in the softness of your hair and an ease in styling them. You will appreciate its dense texture and its smell of lavender.

Sustaining Futures: Calidou's Commitment to Family and Planet

Calidou has been built on a foundation of respect for both ourselves and our planet, initially creating products for children before pledging to protect the environment. Through the years, we've taken significant steps and maintained high standards to preserve our heritage. Recognizing parents' desire to offer their children the best, Calidou has developed a program to empower parents and children alike, fostering independence and a collective pursuit of what's best for everyone.

Harnessing Nature's Wisdom for Youthful Innovation

We believe that our products are unique and balanced. We use the resources of the world to foster the development of youth. Calidou already shares its innovative products with the world and we believe that the natural product is one of the solutions to solve the ignorance that prevails in our industry.